2024 Spirit of Volunteerism Honoree – Johnnie F. ‘Deacon’ Jones & Loretta M. ‘Unity’ Cole – Unity Peace Walkers

Published: April 22, 2024

Honoree’s Name: Johnnie F. ‘Deacon’ Jones & Loretta M. ‘Unity’ Cole – Unity Peace Walkers

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Johnnie F ‘Deacon’ Jones & Loretta ‘Unity’ Cole are two outstanding volunteers within the local community. They have been volunteers with Youth On The Move for over 10yrs. Founder and organizers of the Unity World Peace Walkers.

Started from California to New York. Unity Peace walkers walking for world Peace. No more wars. We walk for World Peace all over the World. As peace Walkers we believe Prayer is Powerful and God is so real. Praying for everyone to have peace of mind and for the leaders to have peace of mind so that they can make better decisions for us and us for ourselves.

No matter what race or religion, nationality or gender we must love one another and keep each other lifted. We as peace walkers know that God is Love and “Love” is our religion. That is why we walk for World peace, No more wars! That stands for all over the world, the streets, our individual homes, our minds our thoughts and our ways. Let’s all be good role models for the world to see and imitate.

Thank you for your support and know that God and we love you!



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