Charity Challenge

The Charity Challenge brings together community groups to give back. Nonprofits, organizations and company teams participate in civic engagement, volunteerism and partnerships to give back to the community.



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1. Does it cost anything to participate in the Charity Challenge?
It is free for any organization to participate in Charity Challenge.

2. How will the winner be chosen?
OneOC will choose the winner based on the impact story that is submitted by your team.

3. When does the Charity Challenge season begin and end?
The season begins on June 1st and closes on September 30th.

4. How many times can my team enter the challenge?
Teams can submit multiple submissions for multiple volunteer projects for more chances to win!

5. My team is participating in the Community Cup, will my team receive extra points at Community Cup for participating in the Charity Challenge?
Yes! If your Community Cup team is participating in the Charity Challenge, you will receive an extra 10 points at Community Cup if and only if you register for both under the same team name (Maximum of 10 Community Cup points per team).

6. How many members do I need on my Charity Challenge team?
A minimum of 5 members is required to qualify for a submission. There is no maximum number of members, gather the whole team!

7. When and where will the winner of the Charity Challenge be announced?
The winner will be announced at the conclusion of the 2024 Community Cup.

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