Fiscal Sponsorship

Fiscal Sponsorship with OneOC is a strategic solution designed for individuals or groups wishing to set up charitable projects without the need for incorporation or obtaining Internal Revenue Service (IRS) designation.

Empowering Initiatives, Amplifying Impact: Fiscal Sponsorship Opportunities


What is Fiscal Sponsorship

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Starting and running a nonprofit can be complex, overwhelming, and costly.

As your fiscal sponsor, OneOC’s in-house staff handles the back office demands of operations. Plus, you and your team will benefit from the mentorship offered by OneOC’s nonprofit professionals to grow nonprofit leadership skills to support long term sustainability of your organization. This allows your project to have:

  • Administrative burdens handled by the fiscal sponsor, ensuring compliance with IRS guidelines including Accounting, Human Resources, Grants, Contracts, and Risk Management.
  • Valuable learning experience for new organizations and emerging nonprofit leaders who are new to the sector or need to build their existing management skills.
  • Affiliation, making your initiative a part of the fiscal sponsor organization.
  • Immediate access to charitable funding with time to grow.
  • Affordable administrative costs without IRS forms, accounting staff payments, or additional registrations.

Why Become a Fiscal Project with OneOC

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Fiscal sponsorship at OneOC allows you to focus on important business operations with the security of knowing your organization is adhering to nonprofit leading practices and financial regulations.

  • 65 Years of Experience. Rely on our rich history and expertise to navigate the nonprofit landscape.
  • Your Success is Our Priority. Managed by a dedicated, in-house team of nonprofit professionals
  • Avoid Administrative Hassles. No corporate forms to file for start-up or ongoing compliance.
  • Keep Your Budget in Check. Control administrative costs with no monthly fee.
  • No Minimum Balance. Get started without financial barriers.


Apply Today. Contact us at today to embark on a seamless journey towards realizing your nonprofit’s mission. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


What others are saying

Transparency is critical for us, we wanted sound fiscal policy and management especially with HR, Risk Management and accounting so we utilize the fiscal sponsorship services of OneOC.

Mike Learakos
Waste Not OC

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