The Civic 50 Orange County

The Civic 50 Orange County is an initiative  of Points of Light in partnership with OneOC, designed to recognize and celebrate the 50 most community-minded companies in Orange County.


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The Civic 50 Orange County sets the standard for civic engagement and creates a roadmap for companies committed to using their time, talent and resources to drive social impact in their company and community.  

By identifying and celebrating the practices of the most community-minded companies in Orange County, OneOC is lighting a path for business leaders who want to help their companies translate good intentions into sound business practices.

The Civic 50 Orange County survey helps companies become more active leaders in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) field and provides valuable benchmarking data to better understand and grow their community impact.

The Civic 50 Orange County selects companies based on four dimensions of their community engagement program: Investment of Resources, Integration Across Business Functions, Institutionalization Through Policies and Systems, and Impact Measurement.

Congrats to the Civic 50 OC 2022 Honorees

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Survey Enhancements

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The survey features new enhancements that have simplified the process and reduced administrative time to complete and can be taken at any time.

Shortened and Simplified Questions – Fewer than 30 questions which require less data collection

Simplified Revenue Reporting – Simplified revenue reporting for large companies that operate outside of Orange County

New Racial Equity Questions – Three new questions to help companies benchmark their diversity, equity and inclusion programs and activities


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The Civic 50 Orange County companies are evaluated based upon the following four dimensions of their community engagement:


Investment: How extensively and strategically the company applies its resources to community engagement in Orange County, including employee time and skills, cash, in-kind giving and public leadership.

Integration: How a company’s Orange County community engagement program supports business interests and integrates into business functions, or how it “does well by doing good.”

Institutionalization: How the company supports community engagement in Orange County through its organizational policies, systems, and incentives.

Impact: How the company measures the social and business outputs and outcomes of its Orange County community engagement program.

Reasons to Participate

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Year-Round Recognition
In addition to the announcement, honorees are provided with marketing assets and resources to promote their designation internally and externally.

Align & Scale Your Programs
The Civic 50 OC framework provides companies with a simple, yet effective tool for aligning and scaling their programs to drive greater community impact.

Peer Connections & Learning
Connect with and learn from other leading peer companies to share insights and best practices.

Scorecard Report & Benchmarking
Every company receives a free scorecard report with benchmarking data to help track annual improvement and communicate your impact story.

Storytelling & Inspiration
The framework and assessment tool help companies understand and authentically tell their impact story to inspire others to take action.

Standardized Language
Using the common language and framework accelerates learning and helps advance the sector.

Customers Expect Brands to Act

64% of customers agree: “I believe brands can be a powerful force for change. I expect them to represent me and solve societal problems. My wallet is my vote.”

Employee Expectations Include Societal Change

73% of employees expect prospective employers to shape the future of society.

67% of employees expect a prospective employer to have a greater purpose and their job to have a meaningful societal impact.

2019 and 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Reports


41% OF ALL ADULTS and 59% of GEN Z have made decisions on products based on a company’s social responsibility

18% OF ALL ADULTS and 41% of GEN Z have considered applying for or taking a job with a company specifically because they believe it is committed to being socially responsible

Points of Light: Engaging Americans in Civic Life (May 2020)

The Civic 50 OC Survey

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How to Start and Access the Survey
Upon your first visit to the survey site, enter your email address. This email will serve as your login for your company’s survey assessment when you return to the survey page. Once you save your work in the survey tool or advance to a new section of the survey, you will receive an automatic message to this email address with a link back to your survey.

How to Collect Your Data
While responses can be added and updated in the survey, many companies find it easier to collect their data offline in a separate document before entering and submitting their responses. Applicants can download this Word document that includes a list of data requirements and the survey questions to help with this process.

How to Save Your Work
To save your progress in each section, please click the green “Save Your Answers Before Completing” or “Next & Save” button at the bottom of each page. Once you save your work in the survey tool or advance to a new section of the survey, you will receive an automatic message to this email address with a link back to your survey.

How to Navigate the Survey
Applicants must respond to each question in a section before navigating to a new section. All responses can updated before submitting your survey. To navigate to another section of the survey, use the links in the left sidebar or use the “Previous & Save” and “Next & Save” buttons at the bottom of the survey page. DO NOT use your browser’s “back” function to move between sections.

How to Download or Print Your Survey Responses
To download your saved survey responses at any time, click the “Print Survey” button in the left sidebar. Please be sure to save your survey before printing it.

How to Submit Your Final Survey
Once you have completed all questions in the survey, you can submit your survey application from the final Report Options section. After clicking complete, you will receive an email confirmation. Please note, you can still access your survey to review/edit before the survey deadline.

Need Help?

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Not Civic 50 OC Ready Yet? 

Check out our informative presentation that shares the importance of taking the survey and the value it has for companies in the community. This is an “Are You Ready?” discussion for those who are not sure they have what it takes or for those that haven’t heard about the survey before. You can view the Survey Overview Webinar anytime.

Need Help Navigating the Survey?

For tips on how to access and complete the survey assessment, check out the Survey Question Webinar.

Have a Question About the Civic 50 OC Process?

Visit our Civic 50 OC FAQs for more information or email us at

Need More Information?

The Signature Event Series provides opportunities throughout the year to engage and unite employees, impact your community, and align with like-minded companies and nonprofits for the greater good. For more information, please contact Cassi Palmer, OneOC Community Relations Director, at or 714-597-8958.

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Photo & Video Gallery

Check out the highlights from the 2022 Civic 50 OC reception at The FIFTH Rooftop Restaurant & Bar on September 29, 2022.