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Our OneOC membership is the “Entry Point” to accelerate a nonprofit’s success through access to all membership services!

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Become a OneOC member and gain unparalleled access to a suite of services designed to accelerate your nonprofit’s success. Our membership provides the tools and support needed to help your organization thrive, grow, and create a lasting impact in the communities you serve.

As a valued member, you’ll forge essential connections and partnerships that drive growth and innovation. Discover the transformative benefits of membership, learn more about OneOC, and join our community of change-makers today!

No matter the scale of your nonprofit, our OneOC Membership equips you with essential benefits and tools for success at any stage. For inquiries, please reach out to us at

Members Opportunities

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We are dedicated to being the catalyst that accelerates nonprofits’ impact. Our membership unlocks access to our benefits and customized nonprofit service solutions, including nonprofit accounting, HR management & recruitment, and more. As a OneOC member, your staff will access resources, skills, and connections that support capacity-building and professional development. These benefits are designed to support your mission growth and organizational development.

As part of Membership, your nonprofit has access to the following benefits to support your Mission Growth and Organizational Development.

  • Nonprofit Learning Center – OneOC, Orange County’s premier Nonprofit Learning Center, offers over 100 training courses annually to accelerate nonprofit success. We specialize in Leadership & Professional Development, Business & Organizational Planning, Board Excellence, Fundraising & Marketing, and Program & Volunteer Management Members receive a 20% discount on all training courses.
  • GrantStation – Online database offering information on tens of thousands of grant opportunities with tools and resources to help nonprofits secure funding from foundations, corporations, and government agencies.
  • Job Board – The OneOC Job Board promotes nonprofit job openings, connecting organizations with talented, mission-driven professionals. It’s a one-stop resource for finding qualified candidates and helping job seekers discover meaningful careers in the nonprofit sector.
  • Impact Assessment Tool (iCAT) – The iCAT is an organizational assessment, planning, and evaluation tool designed to strengthen nonprofits. It provides a holistic view, highlighting strengths and challenges through a multi-stakeholder, confidential assessment of 6 capacities and 28 sub-capacities. OneOC, in partnership with Algorhythm, offers this comprehensive online assessment.
  • Court Referral Program (CRP) – CRP has been a trusted partner for nonprofits for 50 years, providing additional resources to fulfill their mission. OneOC matches individuals with nonprofit organizations, ensuring a seamless fit, and our experienced staff monitors each individual’s service journey from start to finish.
  • HandsOn Connect – It is a volunteer management system that helps recruit, retain, and manage volunteers, automatically submitting postings to VolunteerMatch. Trusted by nonprofits, corporate foundations, and educational institutions, it leverages expertise. It tracks hours and impact and supports data-driven decisions. This solution manages volunteers, projects, training, and opportunities.
  • Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) – RSVP connects experienced volunteers with organizations addressing critical community needs. This program is one of the nation’s largest senior volunteer programs, making a significant impact in education, food security, and employment initiatives. Volunteers can choose flexible commitments, from a few hours to full-time service, contributing where their help is most needed.
  • VolunteerPro – This service solution will strengthen your volunteer network by leveraging skills-based volunteers and enhancing board and committee development. These customizable solutions are accessible virtually and incorporate leading practices and emerging trends.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship – This is a strategic solution for individuals or groups looking to establish a nonprofit charitable project without the requirement of incorporating or obtaining IRS designation themselves.
  • Nonprofit Accounting – OneOC’s QuickBooks Certified nonprofit accounting experts offer personalized plans to manage your accounting needs comprehensively. This includes day-to-day data entry operations, balancing of books, strategic financial reporting, consulting, and more. Services encompass revenue and expenditure processing, account reconciliation, mid-month and financial reporting, grant allocation reporting, as well as payroll processing and reporting.
  • HR Management & Recruitment Services – OneOC’s HR Service Solutions help nonprofits attract top talent, enhance employee experiences, and support growth. With over 25 years of nonprofit expertise, our recruitment team swiftly fills positions and ensures a positive hiring experience. We conduct compensation analyses and use PXT Select™ for online candidate assessments, providing insights for effective onboarding and development.

Theses service solutions are subject to an additional fee

What others are saying

“We knew that joining OneOC would be of tremendous benefit to our organizational growth—and that was before we knew about the iCAT. With minimal time and effort on the part of our organization [the iCAT helped us] clearly see our strengths and weaknesses and chart a course for correcting them. As an assessment tool, it got us all on the same page. Our OneOC advisor assisted us in understanding the information we received so that there was no room for error and no excuses for not moving forward with what we learned. She was able to direct us to the most helpful OneOC [services] based on where we are right now in our growth. This is something we will do year after year. I can’t think of a single reason why every organization shouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity.”

Debbie Luican
Communications, Moms Across America

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