Corporate Volunteer Council OC

The Corporate Volunteer Council of Orange County (CVCOC) is a network of socially responsible companies that collaborate to promote and grow employee volunteerism and philanthropy in Orange County.

About the CVCOC

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What is the Corporate Volunteer Council of Orange County (CVCOC)?

We are a network of local businesses dedicated to volunteerism in the communities where we live and work. Member companies share best practices, support employees, network, and build strong community investment strategies to make a difference through service.

As a OneOC service offering, the CVCOC develops and carries out strategic initiatives through the collaboration of member companies and community organizations while also advancing The Civic 50 Pillars curriculum developed by Points of Light, providing four dimensions of U.S. community engagement and social impact programs. The Civic 50 Orange County conducts an annual assessment that sets the standard for civic engagement and creates a roadmap for companies committed to using their time, talent, and resources to drive social impact in their company and community.


Why Join the CVCOC?

Companies that join the CVCOC benefit by:

  • Gaining knowledge & insights about Orange County’s nonprofits
  • Learning leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices in corporate volunteer engagement and giving
  • Participating in an annual volunteer service project with CVCOC colleagues
  • Networking with CSR experts and peer-to-peer learning

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