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Empower your nonprofit to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape by leveraging the comprehensive and strategic offerings of the OneOC Nonprofit Learning Center. Elevate your teams, attract top talent.

Unlocking Potential: Your Guide to Nonprofit Learning

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In a dynamic landscape where professional growth is key to employee satisfaction, the OneOC Nonprofit Learning Center emerges as the cornerstone for nonprofits seeking to bridge skill gaps and cultivate a thriving workforce. According to a 2022 Manpower Group survey, 81% of employees expect ongoing training, and with 87% of nonprofit executives acknowledging skills gaps (Sparkbay 2023), the need for strategic professional development is more pressing than ever.




OneOC Offers a variety of Professional Development Services including hundreds of in-person, virtual, and online training courses & certificates, throughout the year. OneOC Members receive a 20% discount for each core competency course registration or purchase our annual Nonprofit Learning Subscription and invest in your staff year-round. Organizations who select an Annual Nonprofit Learning Subscription, receive unlimited access to professional development courses at one affordable rate, saving an average of $2,500 per year on training! 


Core Competencies: Tailored to address five critical competencies for nonprofit success:

  1. Leadership & Professional Development
  2. Business and Organizational Planning
  3. Board Excellence
  4. Program & Volunteer Management
  5. Fundraising and Marketing


Diverse Offerings: Benefit from 100s of professional development cohorts, certificate programs, and unique courses crafted by OneOC, a trusted partner with over 65 years of unwavering support for Orange County nonprofits.

Expert Instructors: Delve into experiential learning led by thought leaders in each field, ensuring practical insights and hands-on application.

Convenient Access: Streamline your learning journey with custom registration through an online enrollment portal and a user-friendly learning dashboard.

Strategic Financial Solutions: Looking for a professional development strategy tailored to your organization’s needs? OneOC’s nonprofit learning subscription is the investment that builds teams, tools, and visions. A personalized learning subscription grants your organization unlimited access to nonprofit development programs for a full year.



OneOC partners with industry experts to elevate your knowledge and skills through quality learning and development experiences. The Nonprofit Learning Center offers an unparalleled opportunity to equip, inspire, and enrich your nonprofit workforce, fostering a winning team.

Develop Emerging Leaders: Cultivate the leaders of tomorrow within your organization.

Increase Staff Leadership Capabilities: Enhance the skill set and effectiveness of your existing team members.

Strengthen Your Overall Team: Foster a collaborative and proficient team environment.

An Incentive for Talent Attraction: Position your organization as an attractive destination for top-tier talent.

Boost Employee Engagement: Engage and retain your workforce through continuous learning and development.

Improve Employee Retention Rates: Invest in the growth and satisfaction of your team, reducing turnover.


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