OneOC’s team of experts can help you reach your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals by providing successful management and elevation of your volunteer engagement programs.

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About Volunteer Pro

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Unlock Employee Engagement & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through VolunteerPro

Is your company looking to make a lasting impact on your community while enhancing your brand? OneOC is your partner for comprehensive CSR solutions that align with your business goals and company values.

Our team of experts provide successful management and elevation of employee engagement programs. CSR focused service solutions are customizable, easy to access, and based on leading practices and emerging trends, which include: CSR strategy and training support

  • Actionable assessments to inform CSR strategy and reporting
  • Emerging leader professional development and community leader placement
  • Corporate volunteer project support and execution
  • Team building events and activities (virtual and in-person options)
  • Networking with like-minded companies and CSR professionals

Why Volunteer Pro

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  • Nonprofit Lens – OneOC is your connection to the nonprofit community; we bring the nonprofit lens to make
    your CSR efforts impactful.
  • Employee Engagement Expertise – We are experienced employee engagement event experts; let us deliver the
    events that allow you to see engagement benefits while your employees focus on their work and expertise.
  • Decades of Experience – We bring CSR trends, leading practices, and experiences together in a one-stop shop
    for companies – and we’ve been delivering on these services for decades.


Ready to recognize the benefits of employee engagement through CSR? Learn more about OneOC’s full offering
for companies today! Reach out to us at volunteers@oneoc.org to schedule a meeting with our dedicated team.


We thought it would be fun to give cards to employees who participated in volunteer opportunities, blood drives, and community events throughout the year and allow them to choose a charity endearing to them that they could make a donation to.  They are a hit!

John Wohlfiel
Vice President of HR of Fluidmaster

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