Charitable Giving Cards offer a unique and impactful way to celebrate, contribute and foster a culture of giving within your organization. Whether it’s that special occasion or employee recognition events, these cards are fully customizable, tax-deductible and provide a flexible, meaningful, and a socially responsible approach to corporate gifting.

The Gift That Gives Back: Charitable Giving Card Unveiled

About OneOC Charitable Giving Cards

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Gift Versatility: Similar to retail gift cards, Charitable Giving Cards can be redeemed to benefit any 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States, making them suitable for all occasions.

Tailored Branding: Customize your cards with branding elements such as logos and color schemes, promoting your company’s engagement with the community.

Easy Distribution: Whether delivered electronically or physically, our cards offer convenience for both givers and recipients.

Tax Deductions: Beyond the joy of giving, Charitable Giving Cards provide a tax-deductible gifting option, benefiting your company while making a positive impact.

The Gift of Giving


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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Leverage our cards as part of your CSR program, showcasing your commitment to fostering a giving culture within your organization.

Customized and Personal: Add a personal touch to your gifts with branded cards, allowing recipients to choose the nonprofit they want to support.

Greater Company Visibility: Use customized cards as a powerful marketing tool, featuring them in promotional campaigns and social media to showcase your commitment to charitable causes.

Turn-key Support for Charities: Our cards make it easy for your company to direct funds to various organizations and causes, promoting a culture of community engagement


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> How does it work?

  1. Choose either a physical card or digital card.
  2. Pick a card or personalize your own for FREE.
  3. Add the amount you want to put on the card and send it.
  4. Your recipient chooses the charity she or he wants to donate to.

> What do I need to do for Bulk Orders (digital & physical)?

Physical Giving Cards – Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and delivery.

Digital Giving Cards – Please allow 2-5 business days for processing and delivery

For a digital card order (19 or less), the purchaser will need to provide the following information for each giving card recipient:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email address


> When does a Charitable Giving card expire?

Each card expires 12 months after the date of issuance. The expiration date is on the back of each card.

> How much does a Charitable Giving card cost?

Charitable Giving Cards start at $10, plus a $2.95 service fee per card.

> Who receives the tax deduction?

The organization or the individual ordering Charitable Giving Cards will be eligible for a charitable tax deduction for the full amount of your order, including the service fee. The redeemer of the Charitable Giving Card does not receive the tax deduction.

> Do we provide expedited shipping?

Due to the custom nature of Charitable Giving Cards, please allow 7-10 business days to receive your physical cards with standard shipping and handling; and 2-5 business days for Digital Card option.  Contact us at for all inquiries about shipping and handling, including expedited shipping prices. 

> What happens to Charitable Giving cards that are not redeemed?

Dollars not redeemed by Charitable Giving Card recipients will be granted to OneOC for use towards its mission of accelerating nonprofit success.

> How do I redeem a card?

You can redeem the gift card, online or mailing the card directly to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  

> Can I order Charitable Giving Cards that are customized and branded with my company’s logo?

Yes! OneOC can private label Charitable Giving Cards so your company can give out customized and branded cards to your employees, customers, business partners, or anyone that you would like.

What People Are Saying

The charitable giving cards are an inspiring and convenient way to support good causes all year. They are a great way to say “thank you” or “I’m thinking of you”, to a colleague, friend, customer, or a family member. Young people especially value them for their novelty, and as Gifts of Good that empower them to support causes they’re passionate about.

Bassam Fawaz
Partner- Fortium Partners

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