Establishing your own company foundation is an easy solution for implementing a wide range of company giving options that make a difference in the community. Rally your employees, foster a loyal customer base and reach your corporate goals, while maximizing the tax and budgeting aspects of your company’s giving.

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About Starting a Company Foundation

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What is a Company Foundation with OneOC?

People want to work for, purchase from, and invest in companies that give back to the community. Do you want to engage the nonprofit community through donations to your company?  If you want to give back to your community, but don’t have the time or human resources needed to manage the system, OneOC is here to help.

Set up your own company charitable foundation with OneOC. We will manage corporate donations, employee donations, and even outside donations to your branded giving fund (i.e. ‘ABC Company Cares’) to support your giving and grant-making. We handle all the back-office work and reporting by aligning our resources with the causes you care about most.


Why Start a Charitable Foundation through OneOC?

  • Easy way to establish tax-efficient giving
  • Reduce complexity — –easy to set up, easy to administer, easy to give out money
  • Increase opportunity for others to give and make donations
  • The process is as simple as filling out two forms
  • OneOC’s Board of Directors is your foundation’s Board of Directors. OneOC manages all auditing under our own tax ID number