Establishing your own company charitable fund through OneOC is a seamless, turnkey solution designed to elevate your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagement. Empower your employees, foster customer loyalty, and achieve your business goals while maximizing the tax and budgeting aspects of your company’s philanthropy.

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What is a Charitable Giving fund

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Maximize Your Impact with OneOC Charitable Foundation

People today are drawn to organizations that actively contribute to the community. OneOC offers you the opportunity to engage with the nonprofit sector effortlessly. If you desire to make a positive impact but lack the time or resources to manage a philanthropic system, OneOC is here to assist.

Set up your personalized company charitable foundation with OneOC, where we take care of managing corporate donations, employee contributions, and external donations to your branded giving fund (e.g., ‘ABC Company Cares’). We handle all back-office work and reporting, aligning our resources with the causes that matter most to you.

Why Chartiable Giving Funds

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  • Tax-Efficient Giving: Streamline your philanthropy with an easy and tax-efficient giving structure.
  • Reduced Complexity: OneOC offers simplicity at every step — easy setup, administration, and distribution of funds.
  • Amplified Giving Opportunities: Encourage and facilitate additional giving from employees and external contributors.
  • Effortless Setup: The process is as simple as filling out two forms, making it convenient for busy companies.
  • Unified Governance: OneOC’s Board of Directors becomes your foundation’s Board of Directors, ensuring seamless governance.
  • Expert Auditing: OneOC manages all auditing processes under our own tax ID number, providing a robust financial framework

By partnering with OneOC, you not only simplify your philanthropic efforts but also amplify your company’s positive influence in the community. Join us in making a lasting impact, effortlessly. Together, let’s build a legacy of corporate giving that resonates with employees, customers, and the world. Empowering Communities, Elevating Businesses – OneOC Charitable Foundation.

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