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For over 60 years we have been the connecting force between Orange County nonprofit organizations and the services that help them succeed: OneOC training courses, our volunteer recruitment calendar, and nonprofit job postings.

Why Membership Services?

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  • Do you want to better understand your nonprofit’s capacity for achieving the greatest impact?
  • Do you need help finding talent that is the right fit for your organization?
  • Are you looking for back-office support to help your organization focus more on its mission?

OneOC offers services for all these needs, and so many more. We’re here to help your nonprofit successfully fulfill its mission, and we have the services that can help.

About Membership Services

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As a nonprofit member with OneOC your organization and its employees receive exclusive access to services that help your nonprofit succeed:

  • Nonprofit Accounting
  • HR services including Recruitment Services and Compensation Reports
  • Organizational Development services: Leadership & Professional Development, Business & Organizational Planning, and Board Excellence
  • Volunteer Events and Concierge services: Skilled Professionals and Corporate Volunteer connections
  • Volunteer Infrastructure Programs: AmeriCorps Fellows and Senior Corps RSVP Volunteers 
  • OneOC Fiscal Sponsorships: both for organizations just getting started and those existing organizations looking for a protected place to grow their vision
  • Listening Tour: A OneOC team member can come to you and learn about your successes and challenges to match you with the best service solutions to benefit you today and in the future.


What others are saying

“We knew that joining OneOC would be of tremendous benefit to our organizational growth—and that was before we knew about the iCAT. With minimal time and effort on the part of our organization [the iCAT helped us] clearly see our strengths and weaknesses and chart a course for correcting them. As an assessment tool, it got us all on the same page. Our OneOC advisor assisted us in understanding the information we received so that there was no room for error and no excuses for not moving forward with what we learned. She was able to direct us to the most helpful OneOC [services] based on where we are right now in our growth. This is something we will do year after year. I can’t think of a single reason why every organization shouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity.”

Debbie Luican
Communications, Moms Across America

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No matter what stage your nonprofit is in, large or small, our memberships give your the services and tools to succeed.


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