2024 Spirit of Volunteerism Honoree – Mindy Pera

Published: March 27, 2024

Honoree’s Name: Mindy Pera

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Meet Mindy, a dedicated volunteer whose heart for serving others has made a remarkable impact at Ronald McDonald Family Room® (RMFR) CHOC since 2018. Before her volunteer work, Mindy dedicated over two decades of her career as a respiratory therapist at CHOC, embodying the spirit of care and compassion that defines the hospital’s mission.

Driven by her values and commitment to supporting children and families, Mindy was drawn to our RMFR as a natural extension of her desire to give back. Mindy’s unwavering dedication has been evident from the moment she stepped into the role.

Every week, without fail, Mindy can be counted on to show up for her shifts in our Family Room. But her contributions go far beyond her scheduled time. Mindy’s willingness to tackle any challenge, whether it’s troubleshooting issues, fixing things that need repair, or navigating difficult situations, has been invaluable to the smooth operation of RMFR CHOC.

Her commitment to excellence and her compassionate approach to serving others have not gone unnoticed. Mindy’s choice to volunteer her time and support for the RMFR is a testament to her generous spirit and her genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

We are honored to have Mindy as a champion and a cornerstone of our volunteer team at RMFR CHOC. Her dedication, compassion, and support embody the true spirit of service, inspiring us all to be champions for those in need. Thank you, Mindy, for being a shining example of providing comfort, care, and support for our families!

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