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Engage your employees in volunteering with the community serving multiple impact areas with our Days of Service.

About OneOC's Days of Service

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What are OneOC‘s Days of Service?

OneOC Days of Service are four national volunteer days that unite individuals, families, service clubs, businesses, schools, and faith-based organizations in volunteerism throughout the year. OneOC connects companies to nonprofits projects, helping increase nonprofits’ capacity to do more good in the community. Join us on our next signature event!

OneOC offers your company smart, easy and impactful ways to engage your employees:

  • Four annual opportunities for service: MLK Jr. Day of Service (January), Earth Day of Service (April), 9/11 Day of Service & Remembrance (September), and Season of Giving (November & December).
  • Opportunities across a variety of social impact areas to meet the interests of your employees.
  • Take advantage of priority registration for in-demand group volunteer projects scheduled at various service sites during the weeks leading up to/following the four annual service days. 
  • Access to our volunteer portal to track your employees’ volunteering hours.

Why Participate?

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Why Participate in a Day of Service with your employees?

  • Sign up as a team and engage in a great team building experience 
  • Just sign up and show up, ready to make a difference
  • Make a connection with a nonprofit that resonates with your employees.


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In honor of the 19th Anniversary and the lives impacted by the events on September 11, 2001, volunteers will take part in events that focus on “Remembrance through Service.”  Throughout the Days of Service, OneOC will be sponsoring county-wide service projects Virtually including donation drives or a Hands-On project on location that not only engage volunteers of all ages, but also allow participants to take part in projects that support our troops, veterans, and disaster preparedness, benefiting all our American heroes. 

This year OneOC will be kicking off our annual 9/11 events early beginning August 1st with the addition of the Community Cup “Charity Challenge”. This year’s Charity Challenge will be a friendly competition encouraging corporate teams to select a local nonprofit to engage with between August 1st – September 11th. All 9/11 Day of Service virtual and physical community projects will continue as usual from September 11th – 20th, with our closing ceremonies held via Facebook live, held on International Day of Peace, September 21st. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with a nonprofit in the right way and engage them as a partner!

What People Are Saying

I like the organization of Days of Service. The community benefits having all the different companies come together on a project, very cool to see

Michael Ford
Cox Communications

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