Build Volunteer Capacity

Looking to build volunteer capacity to support the growth of your organization’s mission?  OneOC provides one-time, project-based and ongoing volunteer support through a variety of capacity-building tools and programs.

About Our Programs

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RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) 55+

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) is a program benefit of your OneOC Nonprofit membership, allowing you to recruit OneOC volunteers aged 55+. OneOC nonprofit members partner with local Orange and San Bernardino County nonprofits as RSVP Stations to ensure that those in need of education, food security, food delivery, and employment receive the help they most require. RSVP volunteers choose where and how often they want to serve, with commitments ranging from a few hours a week to 40 hours per month.

RSVP is a free program for OneOC Nonprofit members, funded through OneOC and the Corporation of National Community Service for adult members aged 55+. Established in 1971, RSVP is one of the largest senior volunteer organizations in the nation, with more than 360,000 volunteers. Volunteers can use the skills and talents they’ve learned over the years or develop new ones while serving in a variety of volunteer activities within our community.

Why Become an RSVP site?

  • Volunteers: Recruited volunteers use their available time, skills and talents serving your nonprofit cause capacity building through volunteer-assigned positions and community service
  • Expertise & Experience: Receive cost-effective program benefits with your OneOC Nonprofit membership and for OneOC volunteers aged 55+ in both Orange and San Bernardino Counties. RSVP Orange County has over 30 years of experience matching volunteers with opportunities to support nonprofit causes and community needs
  • Safety Assurance: Provide supplemental insurance for volunteers, providing medical coverage for accidents occurring while volunteering at your station
  • Visibility: OneOC volunteer opportunity posting on website, newsletters, e-news, including new opportunities, events, training opportunities, and more
  • Community Recognition: OneOC nonprofit members are eligible for annual recognition, including the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards and other special events

Volunteer Infrastructure Program (AmeriCorps VIP)

AmeriCorps VIP:

Through this program, AmeriCorps VIP Fellows are placed with participating organizations to help build effective, sustainable volunteer programs that move service missions forward.  When organizations achieve a greater number of volunteers, increased volunteer retention rates, and maximized efficiency, their capacity to serve the community grows!

Participating AmeriCorps VIP organizations gain:

  • Full-time service of an onsite, dedicated AmeriCorps VIP Fellow (1700 hours)
  • Stronger organizational capacity and infrastructure
  • Increased volunteer engagement and support
  • Increased resources through fundraising and business and community partnerships
  • Professional development and training opportunities

Why Become an AmeriCorps VIP site?

  • Experience:  OneOC has served as the Orange County hub for the VIP program for over a decade, successfully supporting the volunteer capacity needs of hundreds of organizations.
  • Expertise:  OneOC’s team of experts provides member recruitment, screening, onboarding and ongoing training of all VIP members, as they develop and implement best practices that improve and expand new and existing volunteer programs.
  • Connection:  As part of a nonprofit cohort, you can interact and share best practices with like-minded organizations.
  • Mission Impact:  Focus on effectively fulfilling your mission while OneOC handles the administrative functions for your Fellow, including stipend distribution and healthcare benefits.

Additional services include:

Get Started!

Become an RSVP Station

Contact Deborah Pierson, OneOC‘s Volunteer Services RSVP Manager at to host an RSVP volunteer.

Host an AmeriCorp VIP

Contact Kimberly Harnish, OneOC‘s Volunteer Services Volunteer Infrastructure Manager, for more info.