OneOC’s Volunteer Infrastructure Program (VIP) is a cost-effective solution to building and enhancing a sustainable volunteer program.

About VIP

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Capacity-building is essential for your nonprofit’s health. Unfortunately, many nonprofits are struggling to find a cost-effective way to manage their volunteer growth efforts as they transition from COVID-19 response to recovery.

OneOC’s Volunteer Infrastructure Program (VIP) offers a solution to nonprofits that wish to develop or enhance their existing organizational infrastructure and reduce resource limitations. OneOC will recruit a designated AmeriCorps Fellow who will manage the tasks of capacity-building and organizational sustainability.

What OneOC Delivers

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OneOC recruits, trains, and places AmeriCorps Fellows with participating nonprofit organizations to support their critical infrastructure needs. OneOC’s comprehensive onboarding services lessen the burden on the nonprofit, reducing the costs of managing the administrative aspects of the VIP program.

  1. Recruiting and matching the right Americorps Fellow to your organization to ensure the best fit for your needs
  2. Conducting onboarding and professional development training for the Americorps Fellow and their supervisor(s) throughout the duration of the program
  3. Providing health insurance coverage to your Americorps Fellow and distributing their stipends

What the AmeriCorps Fellows Deliver

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Through the VIP Program, OneOC connects nonprofits with AmeriCorps Fellows who will lead capacity-building efforts for their placement organization during their service term. Fellows are a cost-effective solution to capacity, infrastructure, and sustainability challenges. These individuals oversee their nonprofit’s volunteer recruitment, management, support, and assistance needs for half the cost of a full-time staff member.

  1. Assess participating organizations’ virtual, remote, and hands-on volunteer needs
  2. Increase the resources and human capital available to participating nonprofits
  3. Demonstrate cost savings and increased operational efficiencies


  1. Developing and/or updating existing policies or procedures, handbooks, orientation, and training materials, etc. related to volunteer management and infrastructure
  2. Creating and/or posting volunteer opportunities on behalf of their nonprofits
  3. Recruiting both skills-based operational support volunteers and those who provide ongoing general assistance at their nonprofit site (marketing or back-office support, human resources, and compliance functions, etc.



An immediate impact of COVID-19 to our OC Food Bank was a loss of our regular corporate and community volunteers who were critical in assisting with packing 24,000 senior food boxes each month.  Needing to reach out and manage the overnight interest in individual volunteers willing to step in and assist with food packing, our AmeriCorps member was given the responsibility to activate and manage our online Volunteer Hub software platform that had been dormant. As a result, dozens of individuals have volunteered on multiple occasions and have become long-term volunteers at both The Giving Farm and OC Food Bank.

AmeriCorps Supervisor

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