Sparking Team Creativity (Virtual Spring 2020)

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Your team is full of creative people. You’ll discover that creativity is not a magical thing reserved for a gifted few. Instead, it’s a discipline and a process that any team can exercise at any time. Next time the team needs to generate new opportunities and new ways of thinking, make this module a part of the work agenda. You won’t believe the creative brilliance that you produce!

Your team will:

Explore a disciplined process for exercising creative thinking (even if members don’t consider themselves “creative!”)
Consider the different roles and individual strengths that different team members bring to the creative process.
Work through a four-part model that leads team members through the creative process – from defining an opportunity, to brainstorming creative solutions, to making plans for building the idea, and ultimately to ensuring its effective implementation.

Part of the Team Management Skills Certificate

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Sparking Team Creativity (Virtual Spring 2020)

Course Sessions:

  • Instructor/Facilitator: OneOC Training Instructor
  • 06/09/2020
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
  • Location: Virtual Zoom Training. You will receive the Zoom Link prior to the training date by email.
  • Maximum Seats: 25
  • Available Seats: 24