Using Community Insights to Inform Your Organizational Planning

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As we all emerge from the global pandemic, we know that behaviors have changed, expectations have shifted, and the needs of the community have altered significantly. Incorporating community feedback into your overall organizational planning is going to be a key for nonprofits that hope for sustained growth and mission impact moving forward.

But, how do you collect the needed community insights to inform the future strategies and direction of your organization? In this training Jenny Dinnen, Chief Ideation Officer at MacKenzie Corporation will walk you through the process of developing a customer insights strategy to inform your organization’s planning and marketing strategy.

In this workshop, we will talk you through 5 Jump Start surveys that you can use right away to begin collecting community insights that will help you find out:

  • Who your customers are beyond their transactions
  • How your brand is performing from a customer experience perspective
  • When and why community members stop engaging with your organization
  • Where your brand is currently positioned in the community
  • What people are currently feeling and thinking about your brand

    This training will equip you with the tools needed to better understand the needs of your customers (community members) and inform your marketing strategy to help you reach more people and achieve your mission.

    About the Facilitator:
    As Chief Ideation Officer, Jenny is responsible for directing the company’s overall sales and marketing efforts, guiding the implementation of forward-thinking research tactics, and developing innovative customer insight strategies. Working with clients of all shapes and sizes, Jenny understands that every organization is unique. This drives her customer-centric approach to delivering results that have lasting impact. She has a strong background in marketing, spanning over 18 years honing her skills with companies such as HSBC and HD Supply. While offering a keen eye for the creative side of marketing, Jenny always holds an appreciation and talent for analyzing data to uncover actionable business solutions. Contact:
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    Using Community Insights to Inform Your Organizational Planning

    Course Sessions:

    • Instructor/Facilitator: Jenny Dinnen
    • 08/10/2021
    • 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    • Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
    • Location: | Meeting ID: 985 9974 9617 | Passcode: 333707
    • Maximum Seats: 25
    • Available Seats: 24