The Nature Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo SOV 22

Published: April 13, 2022

The Nature Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo

Honoree’s Name: Julie Seery

Award Category: Environment & Sustainability

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Julie Seery

Julie Seery has been volunteering with The Nature Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo since 2018. She has completed over 200 hours of service helping on a variety of programs including children’s programs, family events, hikes and school field trips. Julie is an extraordinary volunteer. She brings her positive energy to every event and is always ready to help.

Julie is an integral part of the school field trip volunteer group. This year, she has interacted with nearly 2,000 students who participated in hands-on, outdoor field trips on the habitat reserve. Several times each week she helps the staff to set up and later collect the equipment at a variety of teaching stations. She also helps to monitor the students throughout their visit and provides feedback on how the field trip progressed.

Julie’s kindness and patience make her the perfect volunteer for our children’s programs. She assists children with crafts and teaches them about plant and animal species on The Nature Reserve. She’s also the first to volunteer for our hardest and longest hikes, making sure all hikers are safe on the trails.

The Nature Reserve is truly grateful for Julie’s dedication and enthusiasm for supporting our programs and staff. We can accomplish so much more with her support. We are so fortunate to have Julie in our volunteer family.

6 thoughts on “The Nature Reserve at Rancho Mission Viejo SOV 22

  1. Julie is an amazing volunteer and we are so lucky to have her! Her bright smile and positive energy brighten up each and every Nature Reserve program she is a part of! Way to go, Julie!

  2. Julies energy and enthusiasm have always inspired me. She truly has a heart and passion for all
    of her many volunteer activities. Congratulations! Love you my friend. 💕

  3. Julie is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. She is always ready to volunteer and loves interacting with the children on field trips. She is certainly deserving of this honor.
    Congratulations Julie.

  4. Julie! We are so incredibly lucky to have you as a volunteer. Your time and dedication is truly appreciated. Thank you for all that you do for The Nature Reserve.

  5. Thank you Julie for dedicating your time to The Nature Reserve. Without you, and our other dedicated volunteers, we would not be able to share the beauty of The Nature Reserve with as many people as we do. Your support in helping us implement our school program is particularly vital and very much appreciated. Thank you again!

  6. Julie, congratulations for the well deserved recognition of all of your efforts. We appreciate all you do!

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