Southern California Edison SOV 21

Published: March 31, 2021

Honoree’s Name: Ted Nguyen  

Award Category: Rescue

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:


Ted Nguyen was nominated for a competitive award in the Rescue category. Vote by “liking” this video on YouTube.

Ted Nguyen is a public servant by day and a community organizer at every non-work waking hour by night and during weekends. Ted’s extraordinary tireless efforts boosted awareness that led to a positive nationwide response to the pandemic.

Ted marshalled his expert strategic communications and media skills to lead an all-volunteer grassroots movement to meet the basic needs of our communities during the pandemic: Delivering 70,000 restaurant meals to healthcare workers and seniors, distributing 1.5 million PPEs worth about $30 million at the beginning of the pandemic, and now standing against hate in international, national and statewide news coverage and raising funds to support the community’s most vulnerable members.



Honoree’s Name: Richard Santana  

Award Category: Rescue

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Richard Santana’s north star is guided by his commitment to his Santa Ana community. Outside of his busy day job in state government and public service, Richard spends his personal time volunteering at local food banks and COVID vaccination sites. He goes beyond the call of duty every day. Richard treats every individual he comes across with ultimate respect and dignity, especially those in need of our community’s support.

From the start of the pandemic, Richard has gone above and beyond to connect people to resources to meet their basic needs. Richard rolls up his sleeves nearly every weekend volunteering to coordinate, support, and staff food distributions, COVID testing, and vaccine clinics, especially where the community have been hardest hit by COVID impacts.


Honoree’s Name: Jessica Fernandez  

Award Category: Rescue

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Jessica worked diligently this past year in her day job to ensure both the safety and reliability of electricity for our communities during this COVID-19 pandemic. She brought an important community perspective to inform decision-making as it impacts the most vulnerable in our disadvantaged communities. She went above the call of duty by volunteering her time to engaged with women leaders in Latino communities around equity, access, and health impacts. She has been a volunteer virtually mentoring high school students, especially young people struggling with uncertainty around their education and isolation from normal engagement.

Jessica is always willing to make connections between business, community, and students. She regularly makes time to mentor young people and provides advice on how to navigate the vast resources available to other others in our community. Jessica embodies the “Spirit of Volunteerism” connecting everyday people to vital resources that is so critical during these times.




19 thoughts on “Southern California Edison SOV 21

  1. Jessica convenes leaders and stakeholders across organizations and industries to ID areas of common interest….all for the benefit communities. She’s a great candidate for this recognition!

  2. Jessica is always willing to step up and help anyone in need, and she is strongly committed to serving our community. She is so deserving of this recognition!

  3. Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination, Jessica! Glad to see your genuine and impactful efforts recognized in this way. Thank you for the way you serve our community!

  4. Jessica went above and beyond by volunteering for an assignment that would put her front and center in executing SCE’s COVID 19 pandemic response both internally and externally. She was committed to helping identify ways to bridge SCE’s communication to community leaders, residents, businesses and SCE employees during the COVID 19 pandemic. She has been especially committed to focusing on the COVID 19 impacts in Latino communities and how SCE as a company can make an impact in that space.

  5. Congratulation to all for their well deserved nominations. I have been fortunate to work with both Ted and Jessica. Ted’s charismatic personality is infectious. Jessica is energetic and brings her whole self to each project. Both are dynamic leaders who go above and beyond.

  6. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition! I have always admired your grit, hard work and passion for helping others. You are a tremendous asset to the Edison team and the community. Thank you for all that you do to support and bring resources to Orange County.

  7. Congratulations, Ted on your well deserved nomination. The incredible and tireless work Ted has put in is next level which I have had the honor of observing first hand. He leadership and commitment to community especially during this pandemic period has been unmatched. Truly an extraordinary & exemplary human.

  8. Jessica is so well deserving of this recognition! She is such a strong advocate for supporting traditionally marginalized communities and a fighter for equity. Her leadership and hardwork in serving SCE’s COVID-19 response team did not go unnoticed. Thank you Jessica for your continued work in connecting and bringing stakeholders together to better our community.

  9. Jessica’s willingness to step up and support Edison’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic was admirable and exemplary. She led efforts to identify ways to respond to customer and community needs, which she was well suited for given her years of volunteer work and remarkable ability to connect people with resources. This recognition couldn’t be more well-deserved. Proud of you, Jessica!

  10. Jessica is a rising star at SCE and in Orange County. Her passion for clean energy initiatives is only matched by her passion for her community. Her dedication to the underserved and disadvantaged communities is what makes me proud to be her colleague and friend. In my opinion, there is nobody more deserving of this recognition.

  11. Having worked with Jessica in a previous setting, she is a class act. The award is well deserved and earned.

  12. I have known Jessica well over a decade and her commitment and dedication to serving the community has never changed. She is resilient and a waymaker when it comes to providing for those around her.

  13. I enjoy working with Jessica her sprit is uplifting and her dedication to excellence and the community is inspirational.

  14. Jessica you are definitely a rising star. You truly embody the “Spirit of Volunteerism,” in all you do. You always assume best intentions and give unconditionally. I am elated that you are part of my SCE LPA team. Continue to shine…

  15. Congratulations Jessica on your well deserved recognition! Your passion for advocating for health equity for the underserved and underrepresented population does not go unnoticed.You exemplify authentic leadership. I am proud to work alongside you!

  16. Ted Nguyen has truly an amazing person. He has given all he got into community work, especially durinf this crazy pandemic and post- pandemic related issue. I was so lucky to work with him and learned from the best. Truly a shining star!!

  17. Congratulations, Ted on such a well deserved nomination. In a time of despair, lost hope and negativity, Ted has shined and used every resource to help our community in need. His leadership to our community has far surpassed what any single individual has given. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ted closely and his dedication is unmatched. Thank you for all you do, Ted!

  18. Ted Nguyen, your tireless dedication in strengthening the community, making many positive impacts on the nation, and on your team members has been a wonder to behold. Thank you for what you do everyday and this recognition and award is truly deserved.

  19. I’ve had the honor of working with all three of these amazing individuals! Ted is charismatic and caring! Richard is selfless and passionate! Jessica is fearless and giving!

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