South County Outreach SOV 21

Published: April 2, 2021

Honorees’ Name: Allan Cassel, Anne Burns, Ashmita Hosangadi, Barbara Bater, Bill Burnett, Christine Presley, Danice Limberg, Denny Sewart, Elaine Tiber, Emma Regalado, Gael Post, Imelda Woodruff, Jean Duffy, Jeanne Hulse, John Nielsen, Julie Sullivan, Karen Kedzie, Karen Pilger, Laura Cooper, Marci Watson, Marsha LaRusso, Mary Nystrom, Sarita Syal, and Zenaida Chastain.

Award Category: Live

Why Are These Volunteers Extraordinary:

Dedication to South County Outreach’s vision that no one goes to bed hungry or without a place to call home.
The volunteers that we are nominating have stood by our side through this unprecedented year and helped us continue to serve households in need. We greatly appreciate all the hard work they have done and look forward to our continued partnership!