Share Our Selves SOV 22

Published: April 13, 2022

Share Our Selves

Honoree’s Name: Lisa Goldsberry

Award Category: Hunger & Homelessness

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Lisa Goldsberry

When the pandemic hit, and SOS lost the great majority of our volunteer base, Lisa Goldsberry was one of the first who stepped in to fill the void. At a time when volunteer roles in many nonprofits were shut down due to the pandemic, SOS was committed to staying open, to continue to serve the most vulnerable in our community with health care and meeting basic needs. With most existing SOS volunteers falling within high-risk categories for COVID-19, SOS reached out to recruit a new volunteers to continue food pantry services.

Lisa immediately joined the volunteer team, in April 2020, bringing with her a positive attitude, willing to help in whatever way she could. Lisa was used to volunteering throughout the community, and when her other volunteer roles closed, she looked around, and, as she explains, thought, “Where is help needed? With food! SOS needs me!” She immediately stepped up to the plate, taking on responsibilities when staffing was short and stretched thin. From thoughtful measures, like bringing homemade masks for everyone, to providing connections to outside resources, Lisa takes initiative – and knows what she’s doing.

Lisa is the “go and do extra” volunteer. Currently she assists in the food pantry, jumping in to help with a wide variety of tasks. Ask a co-worker, and you’d hear Lisa described as dependable, responsible, flexible, and fun to be around. Clients, volunteers and staff appreciate her talent, but also her commitment to do a good job always. As one staff member put it, “She owns it.”

It is Lisa’s positive attitude and willingness to help that makes her stand out during this difficult time for our community. SOS is proud to recognize Lisa as one of our outstanding volunteers.



Honoree’s Name: Annette Kennedy

Award Category: Public Health & Safety

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Annette Kennedy

Annette Kennedy joined Share Our Selves (SOS) in the middle of the COVID-19 shutdown, June, 2021. SOS has been determined to remain open through the pandemic to continue to serve the most vulnerable in our community, and Annette quickly become one of the essential workers SOS could rely on-a most exceptional volunteer!

Annette enthusiastically joined the team, eager to use her spare time to help. “I wanted to volunteer someplace in person, but also someplace very safe. I saw a real need at SOS, and I wanted to pitch in where I could.”

To say Annette “pitched-in” would be an understatement. Where there is a need, she is there to meet it! Annette assists with sorting and packing groceries each week, but her role has grown to assist throughout the department, helping to organize the myriad of in-kind donations SOS receives each day. Her organizational skills are amazing, and so appreciated by the staff, volunteers and clients. Annette takes the initiative to jump in wherever there is a need, solving problems, making valuable suggestions with great ideas, and making life so much easier for everyone around her.

Most recently, Annette has added the additional responsibility to serve clients directly at the front desk, distributing food and directing clients to resources. Clients find her energy and positive attitude a welcome greeting, and especially appreciate her willingness to go the extra mile to meet their individual needs.

As one staff member described Annette’s service, “She is an amazing volunteer, always willing to help staff and other volunteers wherever needed. It’s always a pleasure to have her onsite.”

Annette serves tirelessly, donating countless hours to make everyone else’s job easier. Truly service is in her heart, and SOS is lucky to have her!

6 thoughts on “Share Our Selves SOV 22

  1. Lisa and Annette are extraordinary volunteers, always pitching in wherever needed, and always with a positive “can-do” spirit. Volunteers, staff and clients love having them around, as they bring joy to Share Our Selves every day they volunteer. Thank you!

  2. Annette is a real team player. She knows when help is needed and has such a beautiful personality. She is always checking in where help is needed and helps make our area more accessible to help clients by organizing all our donations coming in. The way that COVID has been present she has made it a goal to disinfect all surface areas. She is truly an amazing human being and deserves this recognition. Thank you Annette for all the help and laughs!

  3. Lisa and Annette,

    Thank you for the generous gift of your time and energy as a volunteer :=)

  4. We’re very lucky to have so many good volunteers at SOS. They’re all amazing and wonderful. The spirit that they bring to the work they do is uplifting. We hurt when they were gone. That’s how wonderful our volunteers are. So to select two out of the many fantastic ones we have is so hard to do. However, these two are, indeed, extraordinary.
    Lisa’s help during the pandemic at times was heroic not only in her willingness to serve but in her tireless effort, as we at times only had Lisa to rely on – often for days in a row and in the heat of the summer with heavy demand. That type of dedication to mission is extraordinary and invaluable. Bravo!
    I call Annette the “Busy Bee.” From the moment she arrives at SOS, she flies around from station to station, buzzing about (humming and singing actually), tending to her garden of clothes, food, and hygiene items. Her energy is lively and her compassion evident. She loves to help, she loves to solve problems and make life better for our clients and staff. We are lucky to have her buzzing about, caring for us all. 🙂
    I am fortunate to work alongside you both. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Oh my goodness, all I can say is Lisa what would we have done without you and Ben!! From homemade masks, to making bags, whether it was gluten free, vegetarian, non-cooking, cooking with a little less gluten and low sodium you made it, you did it and always with a smile. So many days it was just you making all those bags and again you did it with a smile and your caring heart in helping to serve shined thru day in and day out.
    Then along came Annette and oh my goodness again!! Always willing to help in any capacity, organizing the dreadful bins like no other, making bags, back to organizing then somehow back in the warehouse making more bags. We couldn’t believe how lucky we were to get another amazing volunteer who again did whatever it took to get the job done and always with a smile.
    It has truly been wonderful being able to work with you both and Share Our Selves is as always so honored to have so many volunteers that care about serving the community.
    Thank you for your service, your big hearts, you patience and support. Thank you both for just being you!!

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