Save Our Youth SOV 21

Published: April 2, 2021

Honoree’s Name: Jim Erickson

Award Category: Enrich

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Jim Erickson was nominated for a competitive award in the Enrich category. Vote by “liking” this video on YouTube.
Jim is a dedicated volunteer at Save Our Youth and an avid bike rider. Since September 2020, Jim has consistently dedicated 1.5 hours every Friday to take the SOY students who live on the Westside of Costa Mesa on bike rides. These students have been shut in their very crowded apartments for a year, with little distraction or outdoor activities or even bikes. Jim makes it a point to try to get SOY teens to enjoy the outdoors and the exercise a bike ride can provide. He has the teens joyfully attend different bike rides around the community in order to alleviate some of the stress the students may have. Jim goes out of his way to make sure every teen enjoys his/her experience on a bike, even if it’s the first time. He makes sure everyone is comfortable on the SOY provided bikes, makes sure the helmets fit and the tires are pumped up. He also talks to the students about their day and provides water and snacks if they need it. Jim makes every teen feel special when he leads SOY’s weekly bike rides and shows that he truly cares. He has gotten many youth excited about using bikes as a fun way to exercise and get outdoors during these pandemic. Jim also offers community resources to our students, including linking them to scholarships and different activities in the area to continue enriching their lives.