2023 Spirit of Volunteerism Honoree

Published: March 22, 2023

Honoree’s Name: Heide Bush

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

The Ronald McDonald House Orange County is very lucky to have a volunteer like Heide Bush. Heide started volunteering in 2006 as part of our Meal of Love program. She enjoyed connecting with the families on a personal level over a dish that was made with love. As years went by, and she became more involved, and Heide started volunteering within our signature events, outreach events, and third-party events. She was so efficient in any setting or task that she was put into, the staff of the organization would say, “How could we do this without Heide?” Having a volunteer with her level of expertise and heart to serve is truly priceless.

Heide is a true supporter of our mission and her enthusiasm for our charity has always been infectious. She never misses the chance to share our charity with a new friend or colleague. She has even brought groups of coworkers to The House to make Meals of Love for our families. They undoubtedly fall in love with the mission of our organization thanks to her cultivation efforts.

Her empathy for our families and compassion for the journey they are on is seen and heard in the time she has served our charity, which is well over 1,500 hours. Heide is a phenomenal volunteer for all of these reasons and more. It is an honor to nominate Heide Bush for the 2023 Spirit of Volunteerism Award.

Honoree’s Name: Christine Thompson and the New York Life

Why These Volunteers are Extraordinary:

Christine Thompson and the New York Life team have volunteered with the Ronald McDonald House Orange County for nearly ten years. Christine’s passion for our charity began with a neighbor that used our services. The neighbors needed a place to stay while their child received treatment at a local hospital. Christine learned about our services and became an instant supporter. Her passion for serving and advocating our mission reached her employers at New York Life, and the NYL Volunteer Team began supporting the House routinely.

New York Life has provided over 350 meals to our families and dedicated over 1,300 hours to tasks within the House and special events. Additionally, Christine Thompson has personally supported our Meal of Love program. When the House paused the Volunteer Program due to the pandemic, Christine and her daughter raised funds to purchase TV dinners and fully stock our freezer, providing family meals that lasted months. And her support doesn’t stop there. Christine also hosts an employee giving campaign each spring in conjunction with our largest fundraiser, the Walk for Kids, to raise $5,000+ each year. Christine and New York Life are a supportive dream team for our charity, and we appreciate everything they do. It is an honor to nominate Christine Thompson and the New York Life team for the 2023 Spirit of Volunteerism Award!