2023 Spirit of Volunteerism Honoree

Published: March 16, 2023

Honoree’s Name: Renee Banchiere

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

For 20 years, Renee Banchiere has served our mission-driven organization. With an education background in Psychology, she has wholeheartedly demonstrated principles that align with Pathways’ values. For example, her remarkable capacity to show empathy has helped her build an excellent rapport with clients and volunteers. Her ability to keep a positive attitude and her problem-solving skills have made her a critical asset to our administration team.

She has served in various roles: Treasurer, Client Coordinator, Mentor, Client Director, and most recently, she is the Chair of the Protocol and Development Assessment Committee and a soon-to-be A Window Between World’s art facilitator. With all her roles, one thing is sure, Renee can be counted on to be a team player while simultaneously taking the lead in supporting our growing and evolving organization.