Pathways of Hope SOV 21

Published: April 2, 2021

Honoree’s Name: Linda Gardner

Award Category: Live

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Her passion and dedication to serve others experiencing hunger and homelessness.
Linda, veteran food bank volunteer, stepped up after COVID-19 hit and pioneered a new role as Volunteer Scheduler, a virtual position that helped Pathways bring back onsite volunteers to keep our food bank operational during a critical time of need.

3 thoughts on “Pathways of Hope SOV 21

  1. Pathways of Hope is so lucky to have Linda as one of our amazing volunteers! Linda goes above and beyond for Pathways every day and every week, and words will never be able to express how much we appreciate her and her dedication to supporting the vulnerable people we serve. Linda, thank you for touching the lives of our community’s most vulnerable residents through your critical role as Volunteer Scheduler!

  2. Linda, We are so excited to highlight all you have done this last year to help us stay staffed at the food banks! Thank you!!!!

  3. Linda you are so awesome!!! We appreciate all you do for the community!! Thank you for helping out Pathways in so many incredible ways!!!

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