Orangewood Foundation SOV 22

Published: April 2, 2021

Orangewood Foundation

Honoree’s Name: Kelly Bozza

Award Category: Hunger & Homelessness

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Kelly BozzaKelly Bozza has been an active volunteer and loyal supporter of Orangewood Foundation youth for over 20 years. Today, you will find Kelly at the kitchen in the Orangewood Resource Center, where she has cooked and shared meals with our youth for years. Cooking in the kitchen makes her happy because she can gather with youth, get to know them by name, hear their stories, and connect with them. Kelly loves being hands-on as a volunteer, and she wants to make an immediate impact on the youth that she meets. The Orangewood Resource Center is a front-line service for youth in Orange County, and youth who visit often face food and housing insecurity. Kelly is committed to service. Youth seek a hot meal from our kitchen, and Kelly is there to welcome them in, serve them, and help them stabilize by meeting their basic needs. Kelly is beloved by our youth and dedicated to Orangewood Foundation.||Kelly has been a volunteer and supporter of Orangewood Foundation for over 20 years, but this year, we choose to nominate her because of her extraordinary leadership and service in the Orangewood Resource Center’s kitchen remodel. For years, Kelly cooked in a small, home-style kitchen, which invited intimate meals but lacked the capacity to feed more and more youth each year. When Kelly learned that Orangewood needed an updated kitchen, she immediately offered her support. She was excited about a much-needed upgrade that could increase her impact by scaling up our meal services. We also needed more space to gather with youth and eat. Kelly led by example and made the largest donation to our kitchen remodel fundraising campaign, allowing us to secure additional funding and complete the project. Today, thanks to Kelly’s dedication to meeting our youth’s basic needs, Orangewood remodeled its small kitchen into a high-capacity, commercial-grade kitchen capable of feeding warm, healthy meals to more youth. She looks forward to returning to a new kitchen and welcoming even more youth into a safe, warm, and reliable place where they can meet their needs as they build the life that they envision. We would like to honor Kelly for her commitment to service, for helping youth meet their hunger needs, and for giving us the capacity to meet our mission in serving Orange County’s youth.