Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition SOV 21

Published: April 2, 2021

Team Name: Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition Board

Award Category: Grow

Why This Team is Extraordinary:

In June 2019, Fran, the founder of the Orange County Animal Rescue Coalition (OCARC) passed away. The board of this small nonprofit, stepped up to create stability, handle a lot of paperwork, all while keeping volunteers engaged remotely and cat and kitten adoptions in full swing. In 2019, 143 cats and kittens were rescued. Although we’re still tabulating the total adoptions for 2020, it is on track to be a record year for adoptions despite the pandemic.
These leaders, manage volunteer schedules online, use texts for volunteer check ins, stepped up when others we’re scared to cover shifts, foster kittens and even took in the co-founder’s cats upon her passing and successfully adopted them out too.