Orange Coast College SOV 21

Published: April 2, 2021

Honoree’s Name: Steve Parker

Award Category: Live

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Steve Parker is extraordinary in many ways. What makes Steve stand out is his results driven attitude. He wants the cause he supports to generate major positive impact. This means supporting great programs (and people) and is driven by the bottom line: results. Steve makes our organization better by providing his time, talent and muscle. Our food distributions wouldn’t be so amazing without Steve’s contributions. Not only does Steve give his energy to OCC’s regular drive-through distribution, he also supports OCC’s Food Recovery Kitchen with picking up donated food and spending time in the kitchen as Chef Parker! Mixing his professionalism with passion makes the result is impressive. Steve is a former restaurant owner and knows that hunger is real. With previously donating his restaurant food to those in need, he now tirelessly helps feed thousands of folks each week. Steve sticks to his commitments. He has a zero flake factor. If he says he will contribute something specific, he does his absolute best to make it happen. He is problem solver and hack, tinker and persists till he finds a way forward. Steve is tied in to so many non-profits that he makes sure we are all working together for the greater good, feeding folks healthy and nutritious meals, for free. Steve is the original energy drink. I feel amped when collaborating with him! Amazing volunteers think less about what they can get from the experience of volunteering and more about what they can contribute. Steve is the greatest volunteer I have ever worked with.