Mental Health Association of Orange County SOV 22

Published: April 26, 2022

Mental Health Association of Orange County


Honorees’ Team Name: ISYS Solutions, Inc.

Award Category: Hunger Homelessness

Why Are These Volunteers Extraordinary:

ISYS Solutions has had 30-50 employee volunteers engaged, annually, in campaigns supporting MHA over the years. For example, they sponsored gift wrapping and food fundraising booths with employees volunteering to work different shifts or donate items in an effort to raise additional funds for MHA services. They have also underwritten the MHA thrift store to enable job training activities and purchased a used van for the homeless outreach efforts in the past. Since 2020 pandemic conditions have precluded a lot of the in-person activities ISYS Solutions, Inc.’s volunteer and support efforts have included the following: 1) donations of tangible items for homeless multi-service center veterans program, 2) donations of medical supplies for homeless multi-service center nurse to treat minor medical issues, and 3) referral donation program, which is a program whereby we donate a flat dollar amount for every referral we get from a customer for case management services.