KidWorks SOV 22

Published: April 13, 2022


Honoree’s Name: Karen Eckelbarger

Award Category: Arts & Education

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Karen Eckelbarger has been a passionate KidWorks supporter since 2005, but her time was limited being a full-time school teacher. When she retired from teaching in 2015, she put her educational expertise as a classroom volunteer and tutor. When COVID hit and our center went virtual she wanted to remain involved, so she served faithfully behind the scenes on our fund development team. For the past several years, she has written thousands of hand written thank you notes to KidWorks friends and supporters.

“We are so blessed to count Karen as one of our treasured volunteers,” says Beckie White, our Manager, Marketing & Communications. “Karen’s decades of experience as a teacher shine through every time she’s in our classrooms. We’re also so grateful that Karen continues to expand her involvement with us, helping with fundraising, prayer walks and more.”