Irvine Ranch Conservancy SOV 21

Published: April 2, 2021

Team Name: Irvine Ranch Conservancy Volunteers

Award Category: Grow

Why This Team is Extraordinary:

The Irvine Ranch Conservancy Volunteers are shining stars of the environmental community. They are stewards of the Open Spaces of Orange County and specifically for the Irvine Ranch California and National Natural Landmarks, prized for its beauty, unusual geology and extraordinary diversity of flora and fauna, the Landmarks feature many special places unlike anywhere else in the nation. The Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteers are ambassadors for this very special land that is home to hundreds of species of plants and animals, including eagles, badgers, mountain lions, Tecate cypress trees, and many rare species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and plants. Scientists have identified this region as one of the world’s biodiversity “hot spots” — an area with large concentrations of different species. Their work on the Landmarks is so important and we are utterly amazed by their continued dedication to the land during this past year when we secured a 94% volunteer renewal rate. Their continued support through donations, supporting the activities we have been able to offer to the community, diligently fulfilling patrols, picking up litter, grooming and keeping up the trails, checking the cameras, caring for the flora and the fauna, has been pivotal to our work during the tragic events we have seen that can harm these biological treasures. Rare and biologically rich coastal sage scrub and chaparral habitats are the primary features that make the land worthy of Natural Landmark designation. Embedded within the expanses of scrub are imperiled natural communities such as native grasslands, stream corridors and live oak woodlands, as well as important populations of rare and endangered plants and animals so close to ever growing major population centers. We normally choose a few volunteers who may support us across the organization and go over and above in many ways to earn the highest honor we give to volunteers, but this year has truly tested the land through various hardships including: fire, drought, and urban growth. The year has challenged us each at a personal level. So, we chose to honor our core of volunteers and thank them for their continued support and vigilance to the land and the Mission of the organization. 

7 thoughts on “Irvine Ranch Conservancy SOV 21

  1. Congratulations to all the Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteers. We are very grateful and honored by your generous donation of time and support to the land and organization. Your lasting legacy to the community is a priceless treasure! Thank you for all you do.

  2. Congratulations to ALL Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteers! IRC truly appreciates your engagement, along with your support of the land that we all treasure so much. Thank you to each and every one of you!

  3. I am extremely grateful for the community of volunteers that work with the IRC. Your patience and perseverance during the past year is remarkable. Thanks for hanging with us, and know that the Land still needs your support and stewardship and our guests need you too. I look forward to the great work we’ll continue to do together.

  4. Thank you Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteers! Your dedication and enthusiasm in serving your community and supporting the stewardship of our beloved land is truly inspiring! We look forward to working with you all for many years to come.

  5. It is a privilege to work with you all everyday! I appreciate every one of you for the time you give towards the land each year. This past year was different, but we got through it and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you to ALL of the Irvine Ranch Conservancy volunteers! We are grateful for and honored by your time, your care, your enthusiasm. Thank you for standing by us through the past year. We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

  7. Many thanks to all the volunteers who help us protect and restore the wildlands of Orange County!

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