Hope Harbor SOV 21

Published: April 5, 2021

Team Name: Kemp Bros Construction

Award Category: Work

Why This Team is Extraordinary:

Kemp Bros Construction’s mission is to bring purpose to every project they build. They take pride in having a rich history of putting people first both inside and outside of their organization, and are committed to improving the lives in the communities they serve. Hope Harbor experienced this commitment when Kemp Bros Construction took on the Boys Home renovation project and encouraged their own employees and subcontractors to volunteer their time and labor. Greg Solaas, President of Kemp Bros, wanted their whole company to give back and invest in their local community. Hope Harbor is incredibly thankful for the extraordinary home they’ve built, and for the lasting impact they’ve made on our at-risk teens and their families.
Kemp Bros Construction was involved in almost every aspect of construction, from drywall and appliances to flooring and roofing. They also had to rewire and fix all of the plumbing to create a beautiful and extraordinary home for at-risk teen boys.