Court Appointed Special Advocates of Orange County SOV 22

Published: April 13, 2022

Court Appointed Special Advocates of Orange County

Honoree’s Name: Irene Strauss

Award Category: Arts & Education

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Irene Strauss

Irene Strauss is in a word, PHENOMENAL. Irene began serving as a court appointed special advocate in 2016 and during her tenure she has worked with three youth in foster care. She has been relentless in her mentorship and advocacy with these youth. For the last 6 years, she has visited her youth every month, attended school meetings, court hearings, team meetings. She has built strong relationships with her youth based on trust and a desire to listen to them and seek their best interest. |Recently, Irene attended a court hearing for one of these youths. Typically our advocates are seated in the gallery and called on by the judge to thank them for their service and contribution. Irene was ushered to the table by the team of professionals. The judge, the attorneys and social services looked to her insight to help guide the team in making decisions. Her selfless work has garnered the respect of the community, all that the youth might have access to their full potential.

Her famous phrase to her youth is, “I will always be there for you!” She is committed to seeing these youth flourish, whether it is supporting them to graduate high school, or simply visiting with them when they are struggling. She goes above and beyond in the role and we are honored to nominate her for this recognition. She lives to serve our kiddos and the impact she has made is truly incredible!