Casa Youth Shelter SOV 21

Published: April 5, 2021

Honoree’s Name: David Basok

Award Category: Live

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

 David Basok was nominated for a competitive award in the Live category. Vote by “liking” this video on YouTube.

Dave and his therapy dog Miles passionately helped bring joy and support to youth in crisis when they needed it most.
No act is too small, no request too large, if it needs to be done we can always count on Dave to help. Even through the most challenging times, Dave always has a smile on his face and an infectious, positive attitude. He is a one of a kind volunteer.



10 thoughts on “Casa Youth Shelter SOV 21

  1. Dave is a true gentleman and has offered a helping hand his whole life. There is no challenge to great for Dave. We need more of Dave Basok’s in the world.

  2. Dave Basok is a kind, compassionate and passionate volunteer. The Casa Youth Shelter is a luck organization.

  3. I must say I haven’t known Dave a long time, but he is definitely a kind and good hearted man always willing to lend a helping hand when asked.
    Always on the go trying to make this world a better place for everyone.

  4. Dave is the absolute best! Kindest person you’ll ever meet! Our dogs love him too!

  5. Having known and admired Dave for many years, our deepest wish would be for every community to have a man with his values, initiative and unselfish dedication.

  6. There is no one more deserving than Dave B.! He has a heart of gold and passion for giving!

  7. How great to hear someone’s real devotion and love for helping others. The bond that Dave and Miles have will continue through eternity 🥰

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