Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens SOV 22

Published: April 2, 2021

Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Gardens

Honoree’s Name: Maria Garrett

Award Category: Arts & Education

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Maria has been a volunteer at Casa Romantica since 2016. She has been active as a greeter, sharing the history of Casa Romantica and its importance to our community with our guests, helping in our gift shop, not only processing sales but doing inventory, pricing, restocking and rearranging merchandise and furniture, assisting at Field Trips for local school children, and helping at our Cultural Events. She helped create bilingual materials for us that are invaluable to serving the Spanish speaking community. Maria has done this while raising a daughter as a single parent. She continues to be invaluable to us by volunteering to come in on short notice to fill in for ill volunteers, help with administrative assignments or anything else asked of her. Her unfailing good nature is an inspiration to us all.