CarePossible SOV 22

Published: April 13, 2022


Honoree’s Name: Carla DiCandia

Award Category: Public Health & Safety

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Carla DiCandia

The mission of CarePossible is to provide free mental health care to veterans and military connected families. Carla is extraordinary because she works tirelessly to support our mission in a variety of ways. First, she has recruited dozens of treatment scholarships for veterans valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars that we have given to veterans in crisis and literally saved their lives and their families. Second, Carla is an excellent communicator and frequently speaks at organizations, venues and events sharing the mission and vision of CarePossible and how we serve veterans. This, too has led to many lives of American heroes being saved. Finally, Carla is very proactive in looking for ways to support CarePossible’s mission and she always does so with professionalism, excellence, and an extremely positive attitude!