Bob Hope USO Orange County SOV 21

Published: April 2, 2021

Honoree’s Name: Janice Spriggs

Award Category: Protect

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Janice has been tireless in her service to the men and women of our armed forces and their family members since we opened our Bob Hope USO doors in Orange County in November of 2014. The love, warmth and appreciation she conveys to our troops and their families, from sharing a cup of coffee and a chat with a soldier at our Center in John Wayne Airport, to planning and executing a full-out action- packed Military Family Celebration Event, impacts the morale for our troops. Janice fosters relationships and pulls together other Orange County organizations as community partners to better serve our USO mission, to keep our service members connected to their families, homes and country, throughout their time of service to our nation.
Janice did not slow down in 2020! Her support included making sure our soldiers had tiny US flags in their pocket when deploying, running a Halloween Family Activity Bag Event and a Thanksgiving Pie Giveaway for our Guard, Reserves and Sailors.
Team Name: Bob Hope USO Orange County Volunteers

Award Category: Protect

Why This Team is Extraordinary:

The support and appreciation Our Bob Hope USO Orange County volunteers conveyed to our troops and their families in 2020 was tremendous. With our USO Center in John Wayne Airport closed most of the year, volunteers rallied, finding new ways to execute our mission of keeping our service members connected to their families, homes and country throughout their time serving our nation.

In 2020 our military still didn’t stop and neither did Bob Hope USO OC! Our stellar volunteers logged 4,006 hours serving 10,405 active duty, Guardsmen and Reserves while training, quarantining and carrying out their duties.  Volunteers gathered essentials for our quarantining troops and to our National Guardsmen deployed to fires, civil unrest and Covid-19 duties. They shined at drive-through military family events and while delivering snacks and meals to our service members. And during the limited time our Center at John Wayne Airport was open, guests were welcomed into our home-away-from-home. Kudos to Bob Hope USO volunteers!

6 thoughts on “Bob Hope USO Orange County SOV 21

  1. No better volunteer and no better team. Congrats Jan and all of our OC volunteers (and Maureen too)!

    Bob Kurkjian
    USO West Region

  2. Jan has truly helped Orange County USO since “Day One” of the Center’s opening at John Wayne airport. Her friendly smile quickly makes you feel at ease which has proven very helpful when communicating with young soldiers, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, or sailors who may be away from family and friends for the first time. Jan has also been a leader in organizing events showing our servicemembers and their families that we truly value their sacrifices and want to thank them for their contributions to our great Nation. I am so proud of Maureen and the entire Bob Hope Orange County USO team…. especially Jan for being one of our stellar volunteers. Thank you!

    Colonel (Retired) Yvette Kelley
    Executive Directory, Bob Hope USO

  3. Congrats Jan! Thanks for being such an important member of our team! We appreciate all you do for the service members and their families.

  4. Jan is unwavering in her passion and support for our Service members and their families, and Reservists. She has brought huge attention to the need to give back to our military in OC and surrounding areas in So Cal. Thank you Jan for your amazing generosity and commitment!

    Jill Villalpando
    Operations & Programs Mgr. Los Angeles

  5. Awesome work Jan! you inspire the rest of us! glad to see your being recognized and good luck.

  6. Jan is an amazing volunteer. Going above and beyond to support service members and their families. She is definitely “The Force Behind the Forces”!

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