Bloom Foundation SOV 22

Published: April 13, 2022

Bloom Foundation

Honoree’s Name: Kirsten Maeda

Award Category: Economic & Workforce Development

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Kirsten Maeda

Kirsten Maeda is extraordinary because she is one of our most committed volunteers since she heard about Bloom Foundation a few years ago. Right after hearing our message, she immediately sprung into action by connecting Bloom Foundation with others she knew. She also became the liaison for the National Charity League she was a part of. She shows up to represent Bloom Foundation at tabling events and conferences and greets everyone with a friendly and warm smile and has become a face of Bloom Foundation, she creates an inviting and welcoming atmosphere wherever she goes! In addition, she is a wonderful note-taker for our meetings and provides beautiful updates. We are so grateful for Kirsten and all of her support of Bloom Foundation. Thank you for helping us grow, you are extraordinary!

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  1. Thank you Kristen for your giving heart and helping the community around you!

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