Big Brothers Big Sisters of Orange County and the Inland Empire SOV 21

Published: April 1, 2021

Team Name: Banc of California

Award Category: Work

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:



Banc of California was nominated for a competitive award in the Work category. Vote by “liking” this video on YouTube.

Banc of California made an incredible investment in Big Brothers Big Sisters by signing on as a Workplace Mentoring partner, which is a three-year commitment to mentoring youth in the community. Requiring both a financial gift and volunteer time, our Workplace Mentoring partners demonstrate the highest level of support a company can make to our agency to promote college and career readiness and workforce development. Banc of California provides up to 15 volunteers annually who dedicate approximately 200 hours during the school year to mentoring high school students through Big Brothers Big Sisters. One-to-one mentoring sessions focused on resume development, business etiquette, mock interviews and financial literacy helps youth build professional skills needed to succeed in their college and career pursuits. For many youth in our program, Workplace Mentoring is their first exposure to corporate culture and opens their eyes to new pathways they never envisioned would be possible, helping to build our future workforce here in Orange County. Banc of California also sponsors a seat on the corporate board. Big Brothers Big Sisters is proud to have Banc of California’s HR Operations Manager Alicia LeBlond on the board, a role she holds in addition to volunteering as a mentor for the last two years.



Honoree’s Name: Will Burroughs

Award Category: Enrich

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

As a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Will Burroughs has shown his mentee Andrew the value of education, relationships with others and, most importantly, loving and believing in himself. Will’s willingness to listen and modeling behavior of following through on his word has helped Andrew turn his grades around and build confidence. He has brought joy and laughter to Andrew’s whole family, even learning a few words of Spanish to communicate with his mom. He is so dedicated to his role as a mentor and worked with Andrew to improvise and make the best out of all the challenges this year brought.
Will was named Big Brother of the Year for his extraordinary mentorship + advocacy of Big Brothers Big Sisters. He not only remained connected with Andrew through a difficult year, but also participated in training panels to help other volunteers.
Honoree’s Name: Alice Rendon

Award Category: Enrich

Why This Volunteer is Extraordinary:

Through mentorship, Alice Rendon has helped Adali see new possibilities for her future. Among other forms of support, she’s introduced Adali to a new, creative way of thinking through monthly art projects that teach sustainability while also growing confidence in her own abilities. Alice embodies the spirit of one-to-one mentoring by taking the time to help Adali realize her unique strengths and use them to overcome every challenge life throws her way.
Despite personal health challenges over the last several years, Alice has continued to carve out time and make Adali a priority. During the pandemic, they have weekly calls + reading challenges to keep Adali motivated in school and mentally healthy.


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  1. Thank you to all the volunteers for Big Brother Big Sister of Orange County and the Inland Empire! As a Big Sister myself, I love hearing about the amazing ways other Bigs support their Littles and to see the support for this great cause!

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