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OneOC is proud to offer AmeriCorps Fellowships for individuals with a desire to make meaningful and lasting contributions to the community through a year of national service. Locally, OneOC has been hosting VIP AmeriCorps members since 2009. Our VIP program is available year-round.

Join us for Open Interviews!

We are conducting open interviews for our AmeriCorps VIP program. We host regularly scheduled virtual group meetings to give an overview of the VIP program and learn more about you!

About AmeriCorps Fellowships

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AmeriCorps Fellows are placed in nonprofit and educational organizations to build effective, sustainable volunteer programs through the Volunteer Infrastructure Project (VIP).  VIP Fellows are trained to support their assigned partner site by systematically increasing their capacity to recruit, train, support, utilize and recognize volunteers. 

Benefits include:

  • Living allowance (up to $22,000)
  • Education Award upon successful completion of service term (up to $10,000), applicable towards student loan deferment
  • Professional development training and opportunities

Why Become an AmeriCorps Fellow?

  • Experience: OneOC has served the Orange County community as the hub for the VIP program. For more than a decade we have successfully placed, trained and developed hundreds of AmeriCorps Fellows.
  • Professional Development: Through ongoing training and experiential learning opportunities, AmeriCorps Fellows gain valuable work skills, leadership development and a pathway to future opportunities.
  • Connection: As part of an AmeriCorps cohort you will interact, learn and grow with a team of AmeriCorps Fellows.  Engage and build your network with corporate partners and community leaders.
  • Mission Impact: Help a nonprofit achieve their mission and better serve the community by developing & strengthening their volunteer programs. 

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