Tarsus Pharmaceuticals SOV 22

Published: April 26, 2022



Honorees’ Team Name: Tarsan Trailblazers

Award Category: Hunger Homelessness

Why Are These Volunteers Extraordinary:

The Corporate Social Responsibility initiative at Tarsus, suitably named Tarsus Trailblazers, is committed to supporting and driving positive change to those underrepresented in our communities. Our program is driven by employee participation across several initiatives. Some of these happen on the individual level, with employees committing time during the weekend, such as volunteering at a local soup kitchen or the OC food bank, as just a couple of examples. As a team, we officially kicked off with our first event in September 2021 with our 9/11 Day of Service. In partnership with Working Wardrobes, our employees donated items such as blankets, warm clothing and accessories, and toiletry items, all in support of our local homeless veterans. Our team then got together to create hygiene kits with the donated items. Next, we partnered with Beyond Blindness, a local organization that empowers children with visual impairments and other disabilities to achieve their fullest potential. Our employees came together to create sensory cubes with six panels that vary in color and texture, to support learning and development for these children. Additionally, during the holidays, we partnered with the Orange County Social Services Agency (OCSSA) for a Senior Santa mission that provides gifts and special request items to low-income individuals who are elderly or adults who are severely disabled. In addition to these hands-on events, the generosity of our entire Tarsan team, as we fondly call ourselves, continued. We held monetary drives starting with a Turkey Drive fundraiser in which Tarsus matched contributions, with proceeds going to the Community Action Partnership of OC (CAPOC). With the Ukraine crisis, Tarsus both donated directly to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) , and also held a “Walk with Ukraine” initiative, where our Tarsans, walked, jogged or biked to earn miles over the course of 10 days. For each mile a Tarsan completed, the company matched donations for the World Central Kitchen, to provide meals on the ground for Ukrainian refugees. As part of our Boundless Inspiration series, Tarsus has invited inspirational leaders such as famed Artist, Wyland, and local CEO of Scan Healthcare, Suchin Jain, to speak with our team. These events include monetary donations to local foundations, such as the Wyland foundation for environmental efforts, and Make a Wish, to support children battling cancer. We have also started strong in 2022 by partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank. Many hands made for light work on a Saturday morning, as we picked cabbages to help families in need. Through our hard work and dedication, we’ve proven that an emerging growth company can do extraordinary things. Finally, Tarsus is also involved with organizations that support underrepresented groups in our industry of ophthalmology. This includes Rabb Venable, a program named in honor of Dr. Maurice Rabb, Jr. and Dr. Howard Phillip Venable, two pioneering African American ophthalmologists and researchers. Their desire to mentor the next generation of eye care specialists serves as our foundation – and a guidepost for our future. Additionally, in 2022, Tarsus is supporting two fellowships through the Ophthalmology Foundation to train new physicians in underrepresented regions such as Latin America. Tarsus is proud to be a sponsor to help underrepresented emerging leaders in the ophthalmology space. Creating an impact in our community, both local and globally, is an area that Tarsus and the Tarsus Trailblazers are passionate about. Whether it’s coming together for a common cause, such as taking time during the day to walk as a team for the people of Ukraine, harvesting vegetables for the OC Food Bank with our team on a Saturday morning, or creating sensory cubes for children in support of Beyond Blindness, our Tarsans consistently work together to support communities in need.